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Top 10 Limitation of Marketing Research

No Duplication

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Unpredictable Behavior

Human behavior is unpredictable. Marketing research attempts to measure the behavior of a group of individuals, but there is no guarantee that the measured behavior will be repeated in the future. Results cannot be replicated. It is not possible to conduct a research project in such a way as to produce the exact same results when using a different facilitator and a different group of respondents.

Humans are individuals, and no one human being acts or responds in the same way as any other human being. Results can be interpreted differently. Faced with survey results indicating that eight out of 10 dentists would recommend a particular product, one business executive may feel that this is a result that can be used in an advertising campaign, while another executive may feel that 80 percent approval falls short of a positive product endorsement. Believe it or not, marketing research has shown that marketing research has bias.

Researchers may write leading questions or arrange questions in an order likely to produce a particular answer. Additional human error -- including poor facilitator training, recruitment of nonrepresentative samples, and rushed interpretation of results -- create the potential for ambiguous or unusable research results. A marketing research project alone is not a replacement for a sound decision-making process, but it can be used as a component of the discussion the precedes a decision.

Research results can be valuable tools to guide business executives in strategy development. Because research is based on science, research project results can help decision making teams plan tactics based on fact and limit responses based on emotions of the decision makers. Limitations of a marketing research project can be controlled, but they cannot be fully eliminated, as differences in human thinking, analysis and interpretation is integral to the business culture.

Lori Hubbard has over 18 years of experience in the marketing and business field with a focus on marketing strategy and small business development. MR does not provide readymade solution to marketing problem. It only provides indicators. The effectiveness of MR depends on the skill of the decision maker. MR aids managerial decision making but it control replace judgement and experience of marketing managers.

For this, certain research studies are undertaken. However, the results conclusions arrived at may not be complete, perfect or accurate. They predict possible tendencies but not certainties. The decision taken and policies framed on the basis of such research studies may not be accurate and useful for solving current marketing problems. Marketing research gives guidance to marketing managers through information and conclusion drawn but such guidance may not be accurate as it is based on the predictions about future situation.

The guidance offered through activities may prove to be out dated at the time of taking current marketing decisions. There are examples where the research failed to deliver desired result or a product failed even when the research had shown promising market demand and consumer support. The classical example is that coke. However, the new coke failed and in less than six months of its launch, the coke management had to relaunch old coke under the brand name coke classic.

However, this failure of MR was mainly due to conventional approach. However, it cannot study all marketing problem particularly where it is difficult to collect relevant data. Similarly, research study is not useful for dealing with urgent marketing problem where quick decisions and follow up actions are necessary.

Thus, all marketing problem are not researchable and all research problem are not answerable. MR fails to offer guidance to manager while dealing with specific problem. It is also argued that very many times, marketing research faced by a business unit marketing research tends to be fragmentary in its approach it become difficult to have an overall perspective in which a marketing problem is to be viewed and studied. However, some executives are reluctant to use the solutions suggested by the researchers.

They feel that such extensive use will act as a threat to their personal status. Findings of the research work may bring them in difficulties if the policy-decisions taken accordingly prove to be wrong.

Marketing executives may also feel that researchers suggest solutions which are academic in character and lack practical utility. There is absence of meaningful dialogue between the marketing managers and the marketing research team. Secondly, researchers should try to act as friend and guide of marketing executives. Conflicts between researchers and executives are always undesirable but do exist in many companies. It is treated as one limitation of MR activity.

MR is a lengthy and time-consuming activity. It involves various steps which need to be completed in an orderly manner. It is not desirable to conduct research work is an haphazard manner. Naturally, the research work take longer period for completion and findings when available may prove to be old and outdated.

Moreover, research work cannot be conducted overnight and marketing decision cannot be postponed till the research work is completed. Such experts include economists, management scientists, statisticians, psychologists and computer experts.

Advance training in economics, computer technology, psychology, sociology, etc. For scientific MR, professional marketing researcher with proper qualification, training and experience are necessary. Research work is likely to be incomplete in the absence of such expert staff.

This is because marketing research itself is not an exact science. It is concerned with the study of human beings and human behaviour is always difficult to predict. Consumer is a focal point in the market research. However, his buying motives are difficult to judge precisely and accurately. This brings some sort of uncertainty in the conclusion drawn from the research activity. The findings of the research work may not prove to be accurate. Email us your resume on careers managementparadise.

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Many organisations may lack the expertise to conduct extensive surveys to gather primary data, whatever the potential benefits, and also lack the funds to pay specialist market .

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Primary Market Research Limitations. Primary research is research collected directly from the research subject during activities such as observations, focus groups and interviews. Primary research limitations include: The quality of research is determined by the people you talk to.

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Following are the main limitations of Marketing Research: Marketing Research (MR) is not an exact science though it uses the techniques of science. Thus, the results and conclusions drawn upon by using MR are not very accurate. The results of MR are very vague as MR is carried out on consumers, suppliers, intermediaries, etc. who are humans. When research is conducted regularly, a company has to maintain a separate well-equipped marketing research department. Marketing research has become costlier. So, it is difficult for medium and small companies to afford. 4. Problem of Rapid Change: Today’s market is characterized by tremendous changes. Whatever is applicable or relevant today is out-dated tomorrow. Due to rapid changes, .

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Limitations of marketing research 1. By HARI KRISHNA 2. (1) Marketing research offers suggestions and not decisions: Marketing research is not a substitute for decision making process. Marketing research, which is based on science, can be a valuable tool, but it has human limitations. Marketing research projects are widely used by businesses to aid in decision making and can.